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Glasses Refund Policy

All the glasses we make are custom made for each individual patient and their prescription. After the lenses have been cut for a specific frame, those lenses will only work with that frame. Due to this fact, no glasses sale may be refunded 100%. After being notified that glasses are ready for pickup, patients have 30 days to let us know if there is an issue with the lenses or glasses frame. During the 30 day period, we will work with patients to find a better fit or style of lens or adjust glasses prescription if necessary.

If, during that 30 day period, no resolution can be found, then we will refund the full cost of the glasses frame and 50% of the lens fee. In addition to being inside the 30 day time frame, the frame must be in like new re-sellable condition in order to qualify for the frame refund.

If a patient decides that the glasses aren’t working outside of the 30 day time frame, any additional changes to glasses lenses or re-styling to a new frame will be an additional charge to the patient. As indicated previously, since each frame requires specific measurements and lenses are custom fit to the frame, if a patient chooses to switch frames, there will also be additional lens charges associated with the frame change.

HIPAA Privacy Policy

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